Outrage as confusion reigns over Old Town parking

The scene on Hemel Hempstead High Street on Wednesday before Daria Kulesh received a parking fine
The scene on Hemel Hempstead High Street on Wednesday before Daria Kulesh received a parking fine

Residents are being left “baffled and confused” over where they can park in the Old Town.

Singer-songwriter Daria Kulesh, from Kings Langley, who is a member of folk group Kara visited the Old Town on Wednesday and after parking in the High Street, where no markings or signs warning of parking restrictions appeared to be in place, she returned to her car to find a ticket on it.

She said: “This is the first parking fine I have had in my whole life.

“I would not have parked where I did if I had any doubts it was an illegal spot.

“The ticket did not say why it was wrong for me to park where I did and there were no obvious signs saying I could not park there.

“I think it is unfair to impose parking fines on people when there is so much confusion as to where you can and cannot park.”

Daria, who also organises live music events at the Old Town Hall then returned there last night (Thursday) and after checking the spot where she got fined for parking the previous day, she found handwritten notes warning people not to park there.

She said: “There was a friendly handmade note attached to the lamppost saying ‘no parking, you will get a ticket.’

“That note was not there the day before because I would have parked right in front of it and I did check thoroughly for parking signs when I left my car there.

“Similar notes appeared in other places too.

“I also saw a group of people arguing angrily with parking enforcers about disabled bays in the square, as well as a vehicle going the wrong way down a one way street.

“Overall, it was a very unwelcoming atmosphere of confusion and bafflement.

“One of my guest musicians, who was not from the local area said that he was very confused because on one side of a parking notice it looked like it was legal to park after 6pm, but another sign said that actually it was not legal.”

The Gazette has contacted Dacorum Borough Council and we are awaiting a response from them.

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