Oscar nominee left ‘speechless’

A PRODUCTION designer has been nominated for an Oscar for her work on The King’s Speech.

Eve Stewart, of Kitsbury Road, Berkhamsted, will fly to Hollywood for the film award ceremony on February 27.

On February 13, she will find out whether she’s also won a BAFTA for designing every piece of scenery on the Brit flick starring Colin Firth.

She led a team of 80, including builders, plasterers and partner Leon McCarthy, 45, the film’s art director.

Eve worked on the film, which charts King George VI’s battle to overcome a stammer, for six months.

She said: “The whole country needed some kind of figurehead and voice at that time, so we did not all get hysterical, and that was him.

“This is not the first time I have been nominated for an Oscar. In two weeks’ time, it will be old news. But it was hard work for my team. It’s nice to see that recognised.”

Eve was nominated for 1999’s Topsy Turvy after director Mike Leigh led her to films from theatre.

Eve, 49, has been to Rome, Belfast, Dublin and Lithuania, for titles including Becoming Jane – a romance about writer Jane Austen – and TV series Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren, for which she won an Emmy award.

But Eve has resisted offers to jet out to America with the big stars. She said: “I need to be able to get home in an emergency in under two hours for my daughters.”

But the two don’t want to follow in movie-making mum’s footsteps.

Eve said: “They think it’s cold, hard and miserable – mainly because it is. Leon and I work 13-hour days.”

Adrian Scarborough is in Eve’s latest hit as a BBC radio announcer.

Adrian, of Berkhamsted, rose to fame as argumentative husband Pete in TV rom-com Gavin and Stacey.