Only 35 people turn up for Berkhamsted’s annual meeting – and almost half of them were town councillors

Berkhamsted: you may live there, but did you go to its annual meeting?
Berkhamsted: you may live there, but did you go to its annual meeting?

Just 35 people turned up to Berkhamsted’s annual meeting at the town hall last night – and almost half of them were councillors.

The public event – where the low-down is given on the area’s planning applications, public spending and more – has a history of low turn-outs.

An exception to the usual rule came in 2012, when scores of neighbours turned up to protest plans for parking permits at various locations in Berkhamsted.

As nothing hugely controversial was on the agenda last night, just 22 of the 17,000 people who live in the town turned up. The other 13 were Berkhamsted Town Councillors.

During the meeting, it was announced that the authority’s share of the council tax budget would be frozen for a seventh year.

Some questions were raised about roadworks and yellow lines. The Civic Centenary Award was given to Angela Morris by mayor of Berkhamsted Ian Reay and chairman of the Rotary Club of Berkhamsted Bulbourne Tom Ritchie.

Berkhamsted Citizens Association chairman Susan Johnson expressed her disapproval about the substation that appeared outside of the town’s railway station recently

She also said that the new sports hall at Ashlyns School should be more in keeping with the historic Grade II-listed buildings it would be built next to