One-way system could be explored in Berkhamsted

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Residents are being urged to share their views on whether a one-way system could help traffic in parts of the town centre in Berkhamsted.

The town council’s parking forum has discussed the idea of a limited one-way system, which would combine with a proposed 20mph zone which the Gazette recently revealed.

The 20mph zones, which have won the backing of the town council but are yet to be implemented, would include roads such as George Street, Ellesmere Road and Bridge Street.

The proposed one-way system could include George Street and Ellesmere Road becoming a one-way loop.

The suggestion was put forward by George Street resident Dave Carter, who is the residents’ representative for the east of the town on the council’s parking forum.

He said: “I suggested that we could combine both the proposed 20mph zones scheme with a one-way system.

“For one I believe it would improve the flow of traffic, and secondly I think it might keep the speeds down, and potentially allow more space for cars down those roads.

“That part of town is really bad in terms of the streets being very narrow, with lots of parked cars too.

“If you see a lorry coming down the road, you’re staying where you are for a while.”

But some councillors expressed concerns at the latest parking forum meeting that such a one-way system could lead to longer journey times.

Elaborating on how the scheme could work, Mr Carter said: “It would cover the proposed 20mph streets, with George Street and Ellesmere Road acting as one loop, and you could implement one on the other side of Ravens Lane between Castle Street and the High Street.

“Personally I think the two schemes may make sense to go together – although a one-way system would take longer to implement.

“I don’t think that it’s true that it would take longer.”

But the idea is certainly not one that has been rubber stamped, so Mr Carter is encouraging residents to get in touch with the town council if they feel a one-way system could help any troubles.

He said: “I certainly hope that the idea is explored further, but I don’t think anything would happen quickly.

“But it would be interesting to hear what other residents think.”