Oliver’s talent is in his Bones as EP launches

A young singer/songwriter from Hemel Hempstead has proved he’s talented down to the Bones as he prepares to release his debut EP.

Oliver Céleste, 20, of Leverstock Green, says he spent 10 years writing and producing music from his bedroom, having developed his signature sound into the ‘unique and refreshing EP’ named Sunken Bodies.

His first single from the track is Bones, which was released last week and has already had thousands of views for its accompanying music video on Youtube.

It seems the singer, whose real name is Morgan Fleming, has already made quite the impression on the music scene, having picked up plenty of fans and followers on his Twitter page, @Oliver_Celeste.

His four-track EP follows the single launch with a release date of September 29 – and it can be pre-ordered now.

Former Longdean School sixth-form student Oliver makes music which would fall into the genre of alternative pop, with added influences of rock, electronica and blues.

Bones is a fresh, unique mid-tempo song with an infectious melody and catchy hook, leaving you wanting to hear more.

But the range of Oliver’s music really comes to the fore with track two on the EP. Hell is a synth-based power ballad with elements of hip-hop and house music infused with deep, emotional lyrics, which makes for a ‘banging pop tune with resonating emotion’ according to the singer’s website.

The third track, Beating Heart, is an electric guitar-based song with a fierce undertone and a catchy beat, paired with vocal melodies complimenting a powerful chorus, melodic verses and a haunting bridge.

The final track, called Back To The Start, shows an alternative side to Oliver. A full orchestra is combined with strong yet emotion-filled vocals and a hip hop drum machine. The song builds up to an aggressive, powerful bridge where Oliver really gets to show off the power and control of his voice.

All of the performer’s lyrics include very personal stories, which he says he has finally chosen to share with the world, but you can be prepared to hear much more from this talented musician in the near future.

Search Oliver Céleste on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3.to download or pre-orderhis music, or visit his website at oliverceleste.com for more.