Oil giant says pumps at Tring petrol station are under investigation after nozzle fuel price bother

Petrol pump
Petrol pump

A mother-of-two has hit out at a filling station in Tring after the price of her fuel was apparently ‘topped up’ each time she visited.

Gemma Payne, who lives in Tring, was confused when each time she replaced the nozzle after putting exactly £20 in her Peugeot 206 at the town’s Shell garage, the total price rose by 2p.

The 25-year-old said: “I know it sounds silly, but 2p every time adds up over the weeks. My car drinks petrol and I put £20 in here and there, but every time I do, it adds an extra 2p on top.

“I have spoken to the staff inside but they just laughed at me. I’m not the only one – it’s happened to my partner, too.”

Gemma was keen to see if others in the town had experienced the same problem at the Brook Street garage, so posted on the Everything Tring Facebook page.

The comment invoked a lot of response, with more than 150 comments, and others coming forward to say it has happened to them as well.

One said: “If their pumps are not working correctly and overcharging people they need to be sorted.

“£3.12 a year from everyone that uses that garage is a lot of money.”

A spokesperson from Shell confirmed that the situation is being investigated.