That’s a supermarket sweep! All customers evacuated after gas leak in store

Sainsbury's Apsley Mills
Sainsbury's Apsley Mills

A gas leak in a Hemel Hempstead supermarket led to shoppers being evacuated yesterday.

Those in the aisles of Sainsbury’s Apsley Mills, off London Road, were told to leave the building at around 2.45pm after one of the freezers was thought to be leaking gas.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “There was a refrigerant gas leak from one freezer cabinet yesterday afternoon. As a precautionary measure, and to ensure the safety of customers, the store was evacuated and closed.”

One shopper said: “There was rather a drama when all the customers were asked to leave at once.

“We had to abandon our trolleys and hurry to the exit. Some time later we were told it would be hours before the repairs were done and best to go home.

“There were big car queues outside, I imagine the staff would spend the rest of the day returning all the items from the rows of parked trolleys to their shelves.”

The affected freezer was de-activated and the store re-opened for trading at 4pm.