Nowhere to park your car

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TOWN leaders who have been drawing up a parking permits plan since 2008 have again delayed their decision on what should be done.

It had been proposed that new maps showing what the scheme would look like should be funded with about £4,000 of taxpayer’s money.

But at a Monday meeting of Berkhamsted Town Council, the decision on this plan was set back to Monday, June 25.

Cathy Salmon, of Montague Road, Berkhamsted, later said: “The last thing we want is for them to come up with something that the town lives to regret.”

Under the current plan, permits would be drawn up in two parking zones around the town’s railway station and Charles Street.

John Higgins, of Doctors Commons Road, Berkhamsted, spoke in favour of the scheme on Monday.

But others have claimed it would reduce the number of parking spaces in town and drive traders elsewhere.

Clive Birch, of North Road, Berkhamsted: “It is good that the council has now understood the complexity of the issue and the need to pause.”