Northchurch village leaders to ask Tesco and Herts County Council to help solve parking problems


New parking spaces could be installed outside of a village shopping area after parish leaders complained that long-stay drivers are hogging existing slots.

Nearby signs clearly state that motorists are only allowed to leave their vehicles there for 20 minutes – and must not return within 40 minutes of leaving.

But Northchurch Parish Council chairman Alan Fantham says the legislation that accompanied the rule is now out-of-date and unenforceable.

He says that since 2011, when a Tesco Express opened on the site between Darrs Lane and the High Street in Northchurch, parking nearby has been ‘horrific’.

He said able-bodied drivers regularly ignore signs marking out two disabled bays.

But he said: “There is no legal come-back. The parish council decided that it must do something to improve the situation.”

Dacorum Borough Council has now said that it may be able to install a new ticket machine for the area before the end of the financial year in May.

This, alongside other legislation, would aim to stop long-stay drivers from parking there.

Northchurch Parish Council would also like to see new parking spaces installed on a small spinney nearby that lies between two roads, both called High Street.

They could easily be created after getting rid of all of the shrubland that is currently there, said Mr Fantham.

He said: “At present, we have no idea how long this is going to take before it is implemented.

“But when money is needed, in addition to paying from our own pocket, we propose to ask Tesco to contribute.”

The spinney is owned by Herts County Council. Spokesman Andrew Dawson said: “We are in discussions with the parish council about how we can resolve the parking issues, but it is very early days and there are no formal plans at this stage.”

Tesco spokesman Bryn Woodward said: “We are always looking to make improvements for our customers and we will review any proposals the parish council bring forward.”