Northchurch clock burglar escapes hunt by police helicopter and dog unit

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A BURGLAR threw a stolen clock at a neighbour who chased the thief away from the house he had just broken into.

The Bell Lane home in Northchurch was targeted just before 6pm on Saturday – but the crook was scared away after a security alarm went off.

Sgt Peter Huffer said: “It would seem at this stage that just the clock was stolen.”

The thief escaped across a field, running towards Darr’s Lane.

A helicopter was scrambled while police cordoned off the field and brought in their dog unit to hunt for the thief – but he got away.

Police have described him as a white man, aged 50 to 55, with a lean to medium build, shaven head, slightly gray stubble, and a weathered face. He was about 5ft 11in tall and had tattoos on his left forearm and the back of his neck.

Sgt Huffer said: “Residents are reminded that as we approach the holiday season, please look out for your neighbours’ home, and if you suspect a burglary is taking place, phone 999 straight away.

“It is often a good idea to let your neighbour know if you are away, and leave contact details with them.

“Local PCSOs will be targeting this area with their five-a-day campaign.”

This is where PCSOs knock on five doors in their patch each day to raise awareness of crime and make sure the public know how to contact police for crime prevention advice.

If you have information on this crime, phone police on 101 quoting crime reference D2/12/476 or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

For crime prevention advice, phone 101 and ask for the Berkhamsted safer neighbourhood team.