No to turbine if plans equal cash for owner


A WIND turbine proposed to provide a farmhouse with energy has been met with objections from town councillors because they believe it is too industrial and aims to generate profits for the property owner.

It was the second time that plans for a wind turbine at Marshcroft Farm in Tring has come up against resistance.

Town clerk Keith Gray said: “It really is more industrial than domestic and would generate power in excess of that required by a domestic property.

“With wind turbines you can generate enough power for your own property and sell it back to the utility companies. The larger it is the more you can make and we can’t have everyone thinking they can set up industrial type turbines.”

In the meeting held during October councillors also pointed out that the development would be detrimental to the visual impact of the area.

The application for the 11 kilowatt wind turbine and a solar photovoltaic system by Ben Taylor, who lives at the farmhouse in Marshcroft Lane, is yet to be decided and the decision is expected to be delegated to officers.

Mr Taylor disagreed that the turbine was too big for the size of his property.

He explained: “We aim to have sufficient electricity to power heating as well as power usage, and the heat pumps designed into the whole plan are quite greedy.

“The reason for both photovoltaic and turbine generation is to try and ensure that we can generate as evenly as possible – both on sunny days and windy nights.

“Our aim here is to render the property entirely self-sufficient in energy, as well as water, as is would have been in 1890 when the farm was built. The surplus will be exported onto the grid and made available for other local users.”