No change in Dacorum, but UKIP celebrates after county vote count

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It was a no-change night for Dacorum as tellers totted up the votes in yesterday’s election for Herts County Council, but a surge of support for UKIP candidates saw them take second spot in virtually every ward.

The eight seats won by the Conservatives and two by Liberal Democrats in 2009 remain constant after the vote, which saw a 28.3 per cent turnout in the borough.

Despite the lack of change in Dacorum’s County Hall seats, both the Tories and Lib Dems saw a drop in votes. Votes for other parties including UKIP rose by 15.5 per cent.

The wards in which UKIP came second were Hemel Hempstead East and North East, Berkhamsted, Bridgewater, Hemel Hempstead South East, Hemel Hempstead Town and Kings Langley.

In the other three wards, UKIP came third and fourth.

Across the borough, 94 votes were spoilt.

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