NHS confirmation means the end of Hertfordshire disabled children’s respite care home

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Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has confirmed its decision to withdraw £600,000 of annual support for a disabled children’s respite care home.

Nascot Lawn, based in Watford, is used by youngsters from across Herts. It is the only respite centre equipped to look after disabled children with very complex health needs, and is now expected to close within six months.

The CCG did offer to continue funding worth £100,000 if Herts County Council was prepared to pay for the rest.

A spokesman for the CCG said: “We have spent a lot of time in recent months talking to families and carers of children attending Nascot Lawn as well as organisations representing patients, parents and carers and Hertfordshire County Council, which is legally responsible for short breaks services.

“Our engagement included inviting parents and the county council to submit proposals for the CCG’s preferred option of jointly funded service at Nascot Lawn until March 2019. However, this relied on core funding from the county council and without this the CCG concluded last week that it could no longer continue to provide full funding for Nascot Lawn.

“Any engagement regarding future respite support for families and carers using Nascot Lawn is the responsibility of the county council as the statutory provider.”