New help for the man who makes the village news

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THE editor of a village newsletter has recruited two helpers to give him more time to enjoy his retirement.

‘Cheddington’ was only 10 pages long when Tony Johnson started producing it - but now it’s more than 30 pages long.

The newsletter was first set up more than 40 years ago - and was only one page long at that time.

Now it is hand-delivered to every home in the village.

Tony, 66, from the village High Street, said: “There are other things you want to do when you retire.

“I wanted to have the occasional holiday and so on, which tended to conflict with copy deadlines.”

But he said he enjoyed working for the newsletter: “It’s great to contribute something to the village.

“It’s just nice to be able to give something back to the community.”

He said he thinks this is why the new volunteers came forward after his appeal in the newsletter at the start of last month. He said six people came forward in total.

The content of the newsletter - which is delivered every month except January and August - is sent in for free by members of the public. Tony and his new assistant editors then edit their stories.

Tony said: “I am always amazed by how many advertisers we have offering services to the village. All of our news relates just to Cheddington.”