New double yellows for school on danger street

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Plans to install new double yellow lines near a school are being considered.

They would be painted around the bends of the junction between Berkhamsted’s Durrants Lane, Durrants Road and Westfield Road.

Herts County Council also proposes that the school keep-clear lines in Durrants Lane are repainted outside of Westfield First School.

Headteacher Dolores Bennett said the road ‘can be quite dangerous’ now due to speeding drivers, the volume of traffic on it and its position on a hill.

She said: “From the roundabout to the High Street can be very busy at the end of the day, especially when we have got after-school club at 5pm.”

She said the school’s travel forum has been looking at the possibility of new 20mph limit on the road, and there is a lollipop lady to make it safer.

The school encourages fewer parents to drive children to school through schemes like the ‘walking bus’, where children are led in on foot by a parent.