Neighbours inspired by grand design home

Oaklands - Facit-Homes & Wilder Creative for Grand Designs 2012..� Mark Cocksedge
Oaklands - Facit-Homes & Wilder Creative for Grand Designs 2012..� Mark Cocksedge

The neighbours of an innovative home that was featured on TV show Grand Designs were so impressed with the end result they have hired the same company to build a similar concept for them.

Henry and Chris Tse, who live in Wigginton, have had a planning application granted to demolish their bungalow and replace it with a solar house that will be built using the same revolutionary technique featured on the programme.

Their neighbours Diana Woodward and Ceila Brackenridge were the guinea pigs for the new approach to building where a mobile factory is brought on site to computer-cut timber to construct the home on-site.

It was a world’s first and a prototype for Facit Homes – the company that invented the system – and it has 
since built more properties in the UK using the technique.

Henry and Chris’s solar house has been designed to take maximum energy from the sun and will take on a more industrial look in comparison to their neighbour’s retro style.

Managing director of Facit Homes Bruce Bell said: “Chris and Henry happened to be walking their dog in the area while the building was going up.

“Chris is really into a slightly industrial but contemporary look. She likes textured materials so we are using steel on the outside and there will be concrete floors in some areas and raw steel in others – contemporary with a slightly raw edge.”

Chris said: “What I really love about Facit Homes is that they are a young British team with an inspiring attitude towards building.”

Work is planned to start on the solar house in November.