Neighbours in Hemel Hempstead ward say bus route changes have left them ‘cut off’

Bus-users have complained about route changes that will make it harder for them to reach Hemel Hempstead’s main railway station.

People in Chaulden will now have to go through Warners End, Gadebridge and the town centre before reaching the Boxmoor transport hub, which is less than a mile away. Wendy Dwight, 58, of Shepherds Green, Chaulden, said: “We have been completely cut off.”

She said that a bus had previously taken people in the area directly to the train station via the lower part of Northridge Way and Fishery Road.

But changes introduced on Sunday mean the Route 3 bus will no longer stop on those roads, and will only extend to the train station ‘for commuters at peak times’.

Service provider Arriva says the changes mean buses will serve more of the Chaulden area and run more frequently in most places.

Spokesman Linsey Frostick said: “The changes offer a simpler network for the town and better value tickets.”

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