Mystery bus man helps trapped Rita

MCHG 12-963   Cabinet falls on Rita Mash of Long Chaulden, Hemel Hempstead.
MCHG 12-963 Cabinet falls on Rita Mash of Long Chaulden, Hemel Hempstead.

A 77-year-old widow has praised a have-a-go hero she only knows as Bob who came to her rescue after a cabinet fell on her.

Diabetic Rita Mash, of Long Chaulden, Hemel Hempstead, was polishing when her heavy china display unit toppled over, trapping her between the radiator and table.

Much to her relief a mystery man, who was passing on the bus but spotted Mrs Mash’s predicament through her window, interrupted his journey to lend a hand.

“He broke his journey to get off the bus and help me,” said Mrs Mash.

“I think he was a real hero to me. He is my guardian angel.

“It makes me cry because I think to myself that if it hadn’t have been for him I would have been crushed to death.

“He is a mystery man to me.”

Not only did the helpful stranger – a semi-retired carpenter thought to be called Bob – help Mrs Mash on the day of the accident but he also returned the following morning to fix her cabinet to the wall to make sure there is no danger of future accidents.

“He brought a big jar of screws and bolts and he fixed my cabinet for me so it will never fall down again,” said Mrs Mash.

“I have got a Christmas card for him and a thank you note.”

The pensioner was seen to by paramedics who were alerted when Mrs Mash pulled the emergency cord in her bungalow, which she managed to reach while trapped.

Medics said she was in shock and had been left badly bruised by the ordeal.

They wanted to take her to hospital but Mrs Mash declined, promising to make her own way there if her condition deteriorated.