Mound of trash dumped in scenic spot right in front of footpath for second time in two months

An example of flytipping in Dacorum
An example of flytipping in Dacorum

Flytippers have dumped a big mound of rubbish right in front of the entrance to scenic walkway the Nickey Line for the second time in less than two months.

When this website reported about flytipping on that exact same spot recently, St Albans District Council said it would look for evidence to prosecute the culprits

This mound of rubbish was found blocking the Nickey Line in Redbourn yesterday evening

This mound of rubbish was found blocking the Nickey Line in Redbourn yesterday evening

If found guilty, the offence can carry a maximum penalty of £50,000 and five years in prison.

But that did not stop the litterbugs returning to the spot – outside of Flowers Farm, Redbourn, right next to the busy Hemel Hempstead Road – to dump their trash their again.

It was discovered by two friends yesterday evening.

The pair are now calling for CCTV to be installed to at flytipping hotspots to catch out the litterbugs who regularly use them.

Yesterday’s discovery came just days after a pile of rubble and tarmac was left in front of a gateway in Gaddesden Lane, Redbourn, near the M1 bridge above the rural road.

It is feared that flytippers could be returning to the same areas that they know are easy targets time and time again. It is the taxpayer who has to pay for councils to remove their rubbish.

Trash is also often dumped in Holtsmere End Lane and Cupid Green Lane, just a short drive away in Hemel Hempstead – where flytipping is dealt with by Dacorum Borough Council.

Richard Shwe, St Albans District Council’s head of community services, appealed to the public to make a note of the vehicle details of anyone seen illegally dumping rubbish.

He said a photo of the offenders could give his council – which is responsible for flytipping in the Redbourn area – all the evidence it needs to prosecute.

He said: “Flytipping is a costly menace that leaves a nasty blot on our lovely landscape.”