More than 20 fans perform for world-renowned composer

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INTERNATIONALLY renowned composer Anthony Hopkins has performed for the Little Gaddesden Women’s Institute for the past three years.

On Monday morning, its members sang Jerusalem and Happy Birthday to him on the lawn of his Ashridge Park home to celebrate his 90th.

The former Berkhamsted School pupil published 17 books, wrote the soundtrack to 15 films, and starred on BBC radio show Talking About Music for 36 years.

He wrote music for theatrical hit Oedipus Rex starring Laurence Olivier in his mid 20s, and got on “very well” with the movie superstar.

He also wrote the music for The Skin Of Our Teeth, which starred Olivier and his then-wife superstar actress Vivien Leigh.

Mr Hopkins said: “When I was at school, I thought I would be a music master at a public school, not conduct major orchestras and travel all over the world.”

His operas have been staged in multiple languages and he has been to countries such as Japan, Australia, America for his work.

But Mr Hopkins - not to be confused with the film star - said: “I have never been one for looking back on things. Once I have done it, I have done it, and I move onto the next project.”

He now satisfies himself with performances of Jerusalem during meetings of the Little Gaddesden W.I. – which his wife Beatrix Taylor, 50, is a member of.