More than 10,000 people clocked speeding in one week on Berkhamsted street

New figures show that during a week-long speed survey at an accident hotspot 13,253 of the 16,335 vehicles monitored were breaking the 30mph speed limit.

Just 3,082 of the Gravel Path drivers were within it, while 66 of were going at more than 50mph and five were recorded at more than 60mph.

Neighbours on the Berkhamsted street have long campaigned for a 20mph zone to be introduced there.

They say that because it is steep, narrow and bendy, it is particularly dangerous to drive on – and that there have been multiple accidents there in recent years.

To make their point, they commissioned the same company that supplies vehicle activated signs to Herts Highways to carry out a speed survey in Gravel Path in November.

The results were presented in a report to Berkhamsted Town Council’s transport and environment committee on Monday.

The report says: “Worryingly, the high speeds were not restricted to the middle of the night. Four of the five vehicles in excess of 60mph were travelling at 9.30am, 3.05pm, 4.15pm and 5.10pm.”

The committee heard that Herts Highways aims to become more responsive to people’s concerns and introduce more 20mph speed limits across the county.

But Councillor David Collins warned that many drivers could end up simply ignoring a new 20mph limit.

He said: “If we are going to spend money on this, it must be enforced by the police.”