More calls for 20mph zone after rider comes off moped

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A BIKER was knocked off a moped in the latest of a series of accidents on a road where neighbours are calling for a new 20mph zone.

Their campaign was reported in the Gazette last week, a month after there were two accidents within a fortnight in Gravel Path, Berkhamsted.

On the same day the article was published, a moped rider came off his bike at the street’s junction with Ellesmere Road at 8.15am.

The rider was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Alyesbury with minor injuries.

At the annual town meeting of Berkhamsted Town Council on Thursday, campaigner Julian Dent said the road is too narrow for wider, modern cars.

He said though drivers may still speed, they’d do it by less speed in a 20mph than a 30mph zone.

Councillor Ron Cowie said the council will press Herts Highways to ‘examine’ the need for a new speed limit on the road.