Moor End fines ruling expected ‘shortly’

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A JUDGEMENT concerning the legality of the Moor End Road traffic camera is expected soon.

The first appeal against a fine issued for using the bus lane was heard on February 7 at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, and the result will have implications for thousands of motorists.

A spokesman for the tribunal said: “The initial decision on the first appeal has not been made yet but I believe it maybe made shortly.”

Between August, when the camera was switched on, and January more than 33,000 fines have been issued, potentially totalling more than £2 million.

Thousands of drivers have appealed and several hundred are going through the tribunal.

Motorists first appeal to Herts County Council and then to the tribunal if they are not happy with the outcome.

Moor End Road has been officially restricted to buses and taxis since Riverside was opened in 2005 but enforcement only began last year.

Campaigners insist signs on the road are unlawful and have called on the county council to return fines.