Mobile phone woes for customers during O2 upgrade works

Phone charges change
Phone charges change

O2 customers have been forced to get by without their mobile phones after mast and equipment upgrades left them without service.

Some users in Tring were without working mobile phones for up to four days in a row last month and, more recently, they’ve been struggling with intermittent service.

Mobile phone provider O2 says the problem is down to equipment upgrades at its sites across the town.

But the lack of warning about the service interruption has left many – including business owners – frustrated.

Among them is chocolate truffle business owner Trish Dowden of Kiwi Chik, who had no service for three days in a row. “My issue was that no-one got any notice that it was going to happen,” she said.

“It is just irritating – it’s just one extra thing to deal with when you are already quite busy. I could be missing a call for some work.”

An O2 spokesman said: “These works are part of our overall network programme to enhance O2 service for our customers.

We aim to keep any service interruption to a minimum while these improvements happen and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

Tring photographer Adam Hollier was left without mobile phone service for four consecutive days and he, like Trish, has also been dealing with intermittent service.

He said: “During one morning I tried to make around 10 phone calls and none of them would connect first time and it has probably taken five or six attempts per call to connect.

“We are so dependent on mobile phones and they work 99.9 per cent of the time, so when they don’t and – in particular – when you are running a business it is frustrating.

“Not everyone has a land line and more and more now people don’t bother with them.

“It is almost impossible to know what you may have missed or what work may have come in.

“Fortunately we have Facebook, so if people are that keen they will get hold of you.”