Mix it with Max and say goodbye to the treadmill

28/6/2011'Mad Max and his belts at Hemel Hempstead Martial Arts
28/6/2011'Mad Max and his belts at Hemel Hempstead Martial Arts

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Name of organisation:

Hemel Martial Arts

What are your main aims and objectives?

When you turn up you get good quality training but also learn how to defend yourself, so rather than pumping weights, which is going to make you stiff, you hit the pads so you know how to throw a punch.

Where do you meet and how often?

At Fensomes Alley, off Queensway in Hemel Hempstead.

Monday and Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm, close quarters stand up fighting (dirty boxing), 8pm to 9pm, long range striking (kick boxing).

Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm to 8pm, wrestling, 8pm to 9pm, grappling.

Sunday, 10am to midday, open mat.

What sort of people are your members?

Our members are from all walks of life, we just ask that people are respectful. Like any martial arts gym there is a percentage of fighters and the rest are keep fitters. The keep fitters benefit from the experience the fighters have.

No-one is asked to do anything they don’t want to do and there is no obligation to spar.

If someone was considering membership, what would you say to them to convince them to sign up?

Everything I teach you is authentic because I am not just an instructor I also fight – that is my job, I’m a fighter and I have proven that what I do works.

If you want to go to a gym to run on a treadmill – that is not here. Here is functional, you will learn how to punch and kick and get yourself out of trouble.

Please give us an idea of your activities in the last six months, and what do you have lined up for the future?

I fought and beat Jack Mason in February to become the number one contender for the Ultimate Challenge Mixed Martial Arts middleweight title. I then defeated Mark Weir in June winning the title belt.

So far this year six of our members have fought in the ring and another three – Jason Cooper, Edward Arthur and Robert Murphy – will compete at Kayo-Mixed Martial Arts at the Watford Colosseum on Saturday, September 3.

What sort of costs are involved in membership?

There are three packages - £75 for unlimited training and use of the gym, £65 for three days a week and £55 for two days a week

Does your club have a website that people can visit for more information?

You can visit the Hemel Martial Arts page on Facebook.

If someone would like to join, who should they contact?

Max on 07771 532307.