Michelin chef Grant gets top tips from The Ledbury

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Popular chef Grant Young proved that you are never too old to do a bit of work experience when he spent three days learning skills from two-Michelin-star chef Brett Graham at The Ledbury.

Grant, who is the chef and patron of Restaurant 65 in Hemel Hempstead High Street and has won an award from the prestigious Michelin guide himself, closed his own business last week to spend time at the Notting Hill restaurant.

He said: “I took my parents there for lunch and the food was so fantastic I wanted to see what went into producing it and what changes I could make in my own restaurant to bring it a bit more up to date.”

Chefs often work in each other’s kitchens to learn new things so Grant got in touch with the restaurant’s owner to arrange a stint.

He said: “I’ve come back with some really good ideas that I’ll use when I change my menu. It will refine the food I currently do and I’m looking forward to the response I get.”

Pictured: Grant at his high street restaurant.