Message on a Berkhamsted shop’s balloon lands close to Hamburg, Germany

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You’ve heard of sending a message in a bottle, but two business owners accidentally sent one to Germany on a balloon.

Anne and Lee Wilberforce gave helium balloons to children from outside of Elizabeth Lee Blinds and Curtains in Berkhamsted High Street to celebrate the firm’s third anniversary last month.

They had the firm’s name and phone number printed on them, but the pair were shocked when they heard from a man who found one of them near Hamburg.

Klaus Eggers wrote an email to them, saying: “Hello in England! Yesterday afternoon I found your balloon between Büsum at the North Sea and Stinteck, about 130km north-west of Hamburg on the dike, among many sheep.”

He said the last time he visited the UK was in May 1998 and wished them ‘continued success’ in running their firm.

Anne said: “It was lovely and really nice to hear from Klaus – and certainly unexpected.

“The balloon was a bit shrivelled and shrunken by the time it reached him – but how friendly of him to get in touch.

“I do not imagine he will be ordering any curtains from us, unfortunately.”