Marriage fan Bert backs bridal boutique

Anna Bratchell and Bert Chapman, Boxmoor Bridal Boutique, opens January 2013
Anna Bratchell and Bert Chapman, Boxmoor Bridal Boutique, opens January 2013
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Couples are still eager to tie the knot, according to the owner of a new bridal shop in Boxmoor, even though singletons now outnumber the married for the first time.

With marriage apparently losing its appeal, it might not seem the best time for Anna Bratchell to open her Boxmoor Bridal Boutique, but she said: “These days people are more relaxed about whether they need to marry to show their commitment, but there are still a huge amount of people who are eager to tie the knot and I think it’s a lovely way to celebrate love with family and friends.

“We are finding there is a greater variation in the type of wedding people are going for, which is why we also have a fantastic range of dresses for warmer climates and that will travel superbly well.”

Married couples and people in civil partnerships made up 47 per cent of the population in the 2011 census, compared to 50.9 per cent ten years before.

Mayor of Dacorum Bert Chapman – who will celebrate his 56th wedding anniversary next year – popped along to the boutique’s launch party.

He said: “I’m all for marriage and I think it will encourage people to go to a church to get married.

“A bridal shop is something we need in Hemel Hempstead. Although you can go online it’s much better to have a place to see dresses in person. Times are hard but weddings are a very special day and whatever help they can give to people to make it a perfect day is much needed.”