Mandy gets a box of chocs from cashpoint victim

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A PENSIONER says his faith in humanity has been restored after a woman helped him when his bank card was eaten by a cash machine.

Richard Barnes, 84, of Gravel Path in Warners End, had been to his doctor in Grovehill and was getting cash for his taxi home from the machine outside Martins in Henry Wells Square on August 15.

“Unfortunately I have been paralysed for some time after a major operation. I have difficulty getting the card out of the machine,” the former boxing coach said. “Mandy, who works in the shop, came running out and saw I was agitated. She got her handbag and got a £10 note out. She said: ‘Give me that when you can.’ I will give her her £10 back and a box of chocolates. You read about so many people who are bad, it’s nice when you meet someone good.”