Little Gaddesden gypsies hit back at council after ‘Dale Farm’ slur

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GYPSIES have said it is an ‘insult’ to be compared to Dale Farm for putting in a planning application for two extra caravans at their site.

Valley View – between Hudnall Lane and Hemel Hempstead Road – only has permission for one, that is lived in by a family of five.

Charlton Webb, from the family, said: “We are the only travellers in the country that own a caravan site that’s only allowed one caravan on it.”

The application for extra caravans there has support from 59 people – and just 17 against it.

But that didn’t stop Little Gaddesden Parish Council last week comparing it to Dale Farm.

Mr Webb said: “If you have a look at Dale Farm, it was absolutely disgusting, but we have lived here for 17 years. We are part of the community and our kids go to school in the area.

“It sounds like we have just pulled up next to Ashridge House and spread rubbish everywhere.

“We have not bullied our way in here or barricaded ourselves in or anything like that. We are all taxpayers.

“We live here peacefully. There has never been a problem. The police have never been called to the address and to be called Dale Farm is an insult.”

“We are just very quiet, easy-going people. We just want to raise our family and live our lives in peace.”