Lifesaver plans trip to help Third World

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A PARAMEDIC plans to fly to Nicaragua to teach first aid to volunteers for the its under-equipped emergency services.

Karen Winter, 47, of Poynders Hill, Hemel Hempstead, set up Global First Aid after visiting the country two years ago.

Half of its population live on less than $2 per day and the emergency services do not get paid for their work.

Karen said: “In these Third World countries an ambulance can take up to five hours to arrive – or not arrive at all.”

The Berkhamsted paramedic, who is stationed in Castle Street, said: “They have ambulances, but they are empty.

“My idea is to teach them first aid, which they can do with their bare hands.”

The mum-of-one plans a three-week trip later this year – but first she’s got to raise £2,000.

She will host a first aid course at The Paper Trail, Apsley Mills Cottage in Stationers Place, Hemel Hempstead, from 9am to 4pm on Friday, March 25. To sign up to the course, which costs £100 plus VAT, call 07939 579567.