Letters round up (Including school run road rage)


A selection of your opinions from this week’s Gazette.


Putting the middle finger up to respect

I quite understand how stressful it must be for mothers to drive their children to school.

Indeed, on these busy mornings, perhaps we should forgive the odd lapse of concentration.

However, it does seem to me that we are becoming a very sad race and our actions not particularly becoming.

So, at around 8am last Friday at the mini roundabout near the Aylesbury Road, Aston Clinton, and Weston Road (near the garage) I was driving and indicating to turn right onto the old A41 towards Tring.

My right of way.

But, a mother clearly fixated to getting her children to school ignored the rules of the road (give way to traffic from the right) and proceeded to turn right across my path, causing me to brake.

I tooted as a gentle reminder.

I of course expected a gentle “wave of apology”. No such luck.

The index finger of her right hand gesticulated in the most obscene fashion.

Then, to add insult to the injury, her lad in the back followed suit.

Well, well! What a role model she is.

No wonder there is no respect and no discipline from the younger generation if parents act like that.

Quite sad!

Name and address supplied

but not for publication


Air views at action group’s meeting

Welcome to the new people in charge at The Gazette.

Along with former facilities in the town, theatre, police station etc, we also had an acute hospital and hopefully you will remember all the efforts made by the Dacorum Hospital Action Group (DHAG), to retain the hospital for the benefit of Dacorum residents.

We were led by the indomitable Zena Bullmore and ably supported in so many ways by the Gazette, our local paper.

Sadly the struggle was lost in 2009 when all A&E, acute, children’s and maternity services were moved to Watford.

However, although many buildings on the site are mothballed, there are still outpatient services, clinics, inpatient wards etc which the DHAG wish to retain, hopefully along with added services.

To that end there is to be an open meeting on Friday at 7.30pm at the Medical Education Centre, Hemel Hempstead Hospital, Hillfield Road Site, Hemel, where we hope to hear the views of Dacorum residents on what they feel is necessary for the benefit of patients and their families.

Betty Harris

Chairman DHAG


I am not political points scoring

In response to Dave Ketley’s letter (last week’s Gazette) defending Mike Penning while criticising Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association, I would wish to make the following points:

Firstly, as Mr Penning felt it appropriate to criticise Hightown through the Gazette, it seemed equally appropriate to respond through the Gazette.

I saw no need to write personally to Mr Penning as it is an issue he is clearly aware of.

Secondly, the point of my letter was not to score political points, but to highlight an issue that is affecting many residents across the borough.

This is an issue where Mr Penning can exert some direct influence as it is within the control of the borough council.

It requires no specialist knowledge to realise that there is a serious issue when many properties with communal balconies have supporting scaffolding in place for many months.

The silence on this issue from our Tory MP and our Tory controlled council, is deafening.

Thirdly, I fail to see why the content of my previous letter prompted

Mr Ketley to feel it necessary to refer to my professional expertise and experience or political affiliation: All of this is within the public domain anyhow, so its inappropriateness was only exceeded by its irrelevance.

Finally, from what I know of Hightown, they are a locally based private company, who are delivering much needed new homes in Dacorum.

If anyone has a complaint about the work that Hightown does, there are proper mechanisms for people to pursue.

It therefore seems opportunistic for an experienced MP like Mr Penning to feel it necessary to criticise this company in the press. It seems it is not myself, but Mr Penning who is trying to gain the “political upper hand”.

Paul Eastwood

Address supplied


Time to name and shame dog owners

Firstly let me say there is NO such thing as a “dirty dog” - however, some dog owners (and you know who you are) NEED telling that it is an offence NOT to clear up after your dog.

I do however, wonder whether anyone has ever been fined in Hemel Hempstead for allowing their dog to foul parks, footpaths etc – probably not judging by the amount that has to be dodged.

I have recently re-joined the dog walking fraternity in Hemel and quite frankly I’m appalled by the amount of dog mess everywhere. Most local authorities will supply doggy poo bags free of charge, or ask your vet if they do.

Failing that Pets at Home sell 200 bags for £2.50 or use an old plastic bag you have acquired whilst shopping.

It’s about time we took a stand and reported this, most of us have mobile phones – take a picture, send it to the local press – let’s name and shame.

I said before “YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – CLEAN UP YOUR ACT” or who knows you could end up either on the front page of the local newspaper or even in court facing a fine.

A responsible dog owner



The BNP are not welcome in Hemel

Hello Hemel,I am contacting you about the BNP demo next weekend (see front page).

I for one will be attending the counter protest. I believe you must confront all racism head on.

In order to maintain a peaceful multicultural world we need to confront fascists at every opportunity.

I despise the Nazi BNP and believe Hemel needs to make them feel very unwelcome so they never come to our town.

See you on the streets.

Mary Goode

Address supplied


Traffic control is needed for Lidl

I haven’t any feelings either way about this store coming to Gossoms End, However, if it does so, some form of traffic control should be implemented at the bottom of Durrants Lane going on to the main road (possibly a roundabout).

It is needed to allow traffic to flow freely.

Angela Jones

Address supplied


A Night In is the new going out!

I am writing to you to ask your readers to have a Night In for Macmillan next Friday (May 16).

Macmillan’s Night In is simply about having friends round for a catch up, a laugh and something to eat and drink.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to train, get sweaty or even have to hassle people to sponsor you.

Instead, everyone just gives what they’d have spent on a night out and the money goes to help people with cancer feel more like themselves again.

Last year, our supporters across the UK raised an amazing £1.25m by hosting a Night In for the first time.

This year, we’re appealing for people across Hertfordshire to sign up to host their own Night In and help us to raise even more to support people affected by cancer.

To get your Night In kit visit www.macmillan.org.uk/nightin or call 0300 1000 200.

For information or support from Macmillan, call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm) or visit


Carol Fenton

Macmillan Cancer Support


Can you help me trace relatives?

I really hope that your readers can help me.

I am looking to find anyone who would know the whereabouts and/or what happened to

Dennis Walter Hobbs and his sister Joyce.

The background to our relationship is difficult to explain but I’ll try.

Dennis and Joyce’s mother and father were Walter A Hobbs and Ida A Dillon.

Dennis and Joyce are, along with my line, the only children to be descended from a set of five siblings whose parents were James and Agnes Dillon.

I am descended from Sydney W Dillon and Dennis and Joyce are the children of Sydney’s sister Ida.

The other siblings were Marie, Ada and Edith.

I am aware that Ida (Dennis’ mother) died in 1989 and that Dennis registered her death and was at the time living at Youngfield Road, Hemel Hempstead.

I would be very happy to supply any supporting documentation to prove my genuine interest in making contact with the family including copies family photographs, certificates and basic family tree outline etc.

With many thanks for any help you can give. Contact the Gazette with any information bia email at thegazette@jpress.co.uk

Louise Vernon

Address supplied


Rotary is keeping our health in check

I would like to thank members of Hemel Hempstead Rotary Club for inviting me to pop along to see the “Know Your Blood Pressure” event that they had organised for the well-being of the public.

I was amazed to see how many people did come into the Roundhouse (including my secretary and her husband) to have their blood pressure checked.

This is such an important issue for people to get in the habit of regularly keeping a check on their blood pressure because it can so easily creep up into the high figures and then your health is at risk. My congratulations to you and the medical team who worked so hard on that day to give such a fantastic service and, hopefully, point people in the direction of their GP where necessary. This is another example of our local rotary club showing the way.

Penny Hearn