‘Leave our allotments alone’

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THE chairman of Sunnyside Allotment Society has blasted a plan to consider allowing delivery vehicles onto the site.

Freda Earl says Berkhamsted Town Council, who own the Ivy House Lane site, developed the plan in response to a threat of legal action by one householder.

The council say neighbours of the Berkhamsted site can use the allotments by foot to reach their homes.

It has also agreed to consider allowing delivery vehicles to reach their homes via the site, after householders write to the town council for permission.

But Mrs Earl said all the neighbours will now have a legal precedent to allow delivery vehicles to drive though the land - even where deliveries are non-essential.

Speaking at the annual meeting of Berkhamsted Town Council on Thursday, she said: “How many neighbours and people are there actually backing onto the allotment?

“If anybody else adds anything to their properties for further deliveries, well they have all got rights now.”

The matter will be discussed again at the next finance and policy committee of Berkhamsted Town Council on Tuesday, May 17.