Lawyer who died had ‘fatal level’ of blood alcohol

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A LAWYER with a drink problem was almost 4 1/2 times the drink drive limit when he was found dead in his flat, an inquest heard.

David Thomson, who lived in the KD Tower in Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead, was discovered by his brother-in-law with an empty bottle of vodka near him on March 16 having not been seen for two days.

Herts Coroner’s Court was told the 53-year-old conveyancing lawyer, who was born in Belfast, was separated from his wife and had been made redundant twice.

He had a history of heart trouble and tests showed a ‘fatal level’ of 354 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of blood

Coroner Edward Thomas said: “He admitted drinking more than he should. He was keen to start volunteering and do some exercise. He was going to Turning Point. His situation of being separated, he was finding it difficult. I think he had been drinking and then he would have collapsed.”

Verdict: misadventure.