Latest plans for Bovingdon traveller site are invalid say planning chiefs

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The latest plans for travellers to set up home within Bovingdon’s Green Belt are invalid say council chiefs - but that’s not the end of the battle, warn campaigners.

An initial planning application - on behalf of Michael Cash - for land close to the Bobsleigh Hotel off Hempstead Road has been withdrawn but a new proposal has since been submitted to Dacorum Borough Council.

However, Civic Centre planning bosses say it is invalid due to issues relating to the boundary and ownership of the site.

Eight gypsy families want to set up home on the land but opponents say it would be inappropriate used of Green Belt land and could open up the floodgates to traveller sites being established on other protected areas.

Under the plans, each family would have two caravans and the site would be complete with a utility building housing two toilets.

Brad Gunn from the Bovingdon Action Group said they expect that a revised application will shortly be submitted to the borough’s planning department.

“We just have to wait and see,” he said. “We are not going to jump into action until there is a valid application.

“We are waiting for it to be correct so that we can express our objection - actually very little has changed.”

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