‘Keep us in the loop on your scout hut plans’

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PLANS for a controversial scout hut are due to be published within two weeks, a meeting heard.

The 1st Potten End Scouts want to move out of their run-down base in the village’s Common Gardens.

But when they applied to build a new hut in nearby Homefield, they were met by vehement opposition from Homefield householders.

The scouts agreed to reduce the height of their proposed hut and scrap plans for a climbing wall after an agreement with them and Potten End Parish Council.

But at a council meeting on Thursday, Ray Hardy, 62, said neighbours had recently been kept out of the loop on hut plans.

He said: “Myself and other neighbours of the site have spent a lot of time thrashing out what will be in the statement, and we want to see that statement.

“There should be no change to any of the words we have used just because someone thinks that would be better. Only if there is a legal impediment should something be changed.”

Council chairman Simon Barnard any changes would have to be agreed at a public meeting.