Keep calm and carry on! Police presence in town was to tell a loud man to ‘move on’

Hemel Hempstead Police Station on Combe Street
Hemel Hempstead Police Station on Combe Street

Three police cars were sent around the corner from their Hemel Hempstead base to deal with reports of a man behaving oddly this afternoon.

The calls came at around 1.35pm from concerned members of the public in Waterhouse Street, who described a man ‘acting suspiciously’ and ‘running around, approaching people and yelling at them.’

Officers raced from the nearby police station on Combe Street as there were initially fears the man may have been attacking someone, though this turned out to be a false alarm.

Though he was described as ‘loud’, he was not found to have been acting abusively and was given suitable words of advice about his behaviour.

The incident was recorded as anti-social behaviour and the man was ‘moved on’.