It’s too goat to be true

Mark Bettles with daughter Kerys, 10
Mark Bettles with daughter Kerys, 10

A ten-year-old’s intolerance of cows’ milk has led her to be pictured on 600,000 goats’ milk cartons.

Kerys Bettles of Kings Langley discovered she could drink goats’ milk even though having cereal with cows’ milk for breakfast made her feel sick.

Dad Mark found the solution after searching for causes of Kerys’ nausea, and she was so thrilled she wrote to St Helen’s Farm dairy to tell them how much she and her dad benefitted from their range.

Kings Langley Primary pupil Kerys said: “It’s really cool. I’ve only told one friend so far but she’s really excited.

“I read on the carton that you could write in. I wanted to tell them it is really nice and has made a difference to me.”

Kerys will now be the face of the drink on cartons sold across the country in the coming months.