It’s no Greek tragedy! Fat Man’s a comedy hit

'Fat Man' comes to the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead
'Fat Man' comes to the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead

A classic Greek myth is told through the medium of stand-up comedy in an innovative new show at the Old Town Hall – which is sure to make an enormous impression on the audience.

Coming to the High Street venue next Saturday, March 7, Fat Man regales the tale of the iconic character Orpheus, traditionally known for his ability to charm all things with his music.

In this performance Orpheus is reimagined as a dishevelled comedian with an ever-increasing waistline, re-telling the original myth through a series of painful jokes and anecdotes.

Written and performed by Martin Bonger, the show was previewed at London’s Oval House in July 2014 and premiered at VAULT Festival in the capital last month before embarking on a tour around the UK.

Martin, who is also an actor and theatre-maker, often working in devised theatre, said: “The Orpheus I’ve created in Fat Man is fat with shame and conceit, trying to cling onto the belief that because of his music he’s as powerful as a God.

“He starts at this place of godly confidence and ends up back down on earth, humbled by failure.

“The world of stand-up feels like a great fit for the story, and the show looks at the bittersweet way a comic is often putting grief out there to be laughed at while searching for a kind of catharsis.

“I’m interested in those familiarly human details of a person’s story that can throw you off balance unexpectedly, leaving you laughing to keep from crying.”

Fat Man is directed by the award-winning Alex Swift, whose previous credits include Mess by Caroline Horton and Violence by Kieran Hurley.

His work has won Best Ensemble in the Stage Awards for Acting Excellence, The Bush Theatre Directing Award and The Buzz Goodbody Student Director Award, while Fat Man itself has just received a four-star review from The Times.

Fat Man bridges the celestial with the everyday, in a bitterly funny unraveling of a man stricken with grief – and is ccompanied by an original score by Philipe Nash.

The show starts at 8pm, and is suitable for viewers over the age of 14.

Tickets cost £10 for adults or £7 for concessions from the Old Town Hall Box Office. Book now by calling 01442 228091 or go online at