It’s lights on for weight loss leader Patricia as she meets TV star Paddy

Slimming World manager Patricia Sampson met TV's  Paddy McGuiness.
Slimming World manager Patricia Sampson met TV's Paddy McGuiness.

A woman who helps others to shed the pounds in their quest for a healthier lifestyle got to meet TV matchmaker and former fitness instructor Paddy McGuiness.

The Take Me Out presenter co-hosted the annual Slimming World Awards ceremony along with the weight-loss group’s founder and chair Margaret Miles-Bramwell.

Patricia Sampson, who manages the Berkhamsted and Tring slimming groups, got the chance to get up close with the TV star, who shot to fame in the comedy Phoenix Nights alongside his friend Peter Kay.

Paddy said afterwards: “I have to admit the most I knew about Slimming World before the awards was a gag in Peter’s routine that refers to the group.

“Jokes aside, I was genuinely amazed to hear about what a difference people like Patricia make to people’s lives.

“I met lots of people who’d lost incredible amounts of weight and it had totally changed their lives.

“Every single one of them told me that they couldn’t have done it without the support of their Slimming World group.”

Particia said that meeting Paddy was the cherry on the top of a great year for the group.