It’s a time for love, but a time for safety, too – charity offers sex advice and free condoms to Dacorum students

Valentines Day
Valentines Day

HIV and sexual health charity Herts Aid and C-sure, the countywide chlamydia screening programme, are teaming up to run three sexual health awareness days for West Herts College students this week.

The team will offer free condoms, sexual health advice and chlamydia tests to students at the Hemel Hempstead campus on Wednesday, in King’s Langley on Thursday and at Watford on Friday, which is Valentine’s Day.

They aim to raise awareness of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and encouraging students to protect themselves by using condoms.

Students will also be able to pick up the sexual health c-card which enables them to collect free condoms from accredited locations across the county.

High rates of sexually transmitted infections among young people suggest many are still putting themselves at risk through unsafe sex and some will already have an infection and not know it.

Herts Aid director Suzanne Bannister said: “Love is in the air around Valentine’s Day, but we want young people to remember their condoms if they are having sex.

“You may think it’s unlikely your partner has an infection but why take the risk? Students with questions or concerns about sexual health should feel free to come and chat to us when we’re at the college, we’re there to help.”

Chlamydia screening will be available each day. Students can provide a urine sample, or women can provide a swab if they prefer, which will be sent off to be tested.

Results can be sent by text, letter, email or phone call and are normally available within two weeks. Offering chlamydia testing at college may encourage students to test who wouldn’t normally consider it or who find a sexual health clinic environment off putting.

To speak to anyone about HIV or sexual health, call 01923 803440, 01920 484784, or email to arrange an appointment.

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