Is dangerous parking in Station Road down to those living in Image high rise homes?

Dangerous parking in Station Road, Hemel Hempstead.
Dangerous parking in Station Road, Hemel Hempstead.

Finger pointing has begun in the row over dangerous parking in Boxmoor’s Station Road.

Last week Hemeltoday reported that commuters who were hotfooting it to Hemel Hempstead Railway Station were responsible for the bad parking.

It is making it difficult for schoolchildren to cross the busy road safely and motorists cannot see clearly when pulling out of St Johns Road.

But now part of the responsibility has been put at the doorstep of those living within the towering Image development.

Reader Alan Darvill said: “If you travel this road before 6am or after midnight you will still see the same number of cars parked, this is obviously ourt of commuter hours.

“Locally it is believed that these cars and vans belong to the occupants of the flats in the old Kodak building who do not have sufficient spaces available, or are expensive.”

But Bev Lucas, senior sales manager for Dandara – the firm behind the housing development – said: “I find it unlikely that it is anyone here.”

Prices for one and two bedroom apartments within the complex start at £169,950 and although a parking space is included within the purchase price of a two bedroom flat, one-beds come without parking and home buyers must pay an extra £10,000 for the convenience.

“There was never provision for one to one parking, there was always going to be a shortfall,” said Bev.

“We tell people to park in Riverside or the NCP car park.

“We tell people if they don’t buy a space then they won’t be able to park.”

A shuttle bus runs from the complex to the train station for people living there who are commuters.

It was believed that commuters began blocking up Station Road with their cars after being pushed out of the nearby leisure centre car park after strict penalties were introduced for non-gym users using the Sportspace car park.

One campaigner has launched a Twitter campaign under @smartascarrots in a bid to get action.