Is beast really on the prowl? More sightings reported

Beast of Buncefield? This poorly fox could be what all the fuss is about...
Beast of Buncefield? This poorly fox could be what all the fuss is about...

There’s something capturing the imagination of people in Hemel Hempstead, and it’s not just the Tour of Britain.

The Gazette has been flooded with emails and calls reporting sightings of a mystery ‘big cat’ – and at one stage, we even thought we’d been handed video evidence of the enigmatic creature.

A motorist driving near the Buncefield oil depot caught a rather sickly-looking fox on camera, but the animal’s unusual features could mean it’s the ‘beast’ everyone’s been spotting around the town.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, submitted the clip in response to a flurry of suspected sightings reported in the Gazette’s sister paper, the Herald Express.

In the video, the animal’s body is slender and chocolate brown or grey in colour, and its thin tail could confuse those who see it at a quick glance.

While the poorly fox has been causing up a stir with thousands of views on our website and Facebook page, kingsize kitty-spotters continue to believe there’s something else out there.

Steve Wright believes he saw the claw-some creature while walking his dog near Apsley Lock. He said: “My dog Bruno and I both saw it instantly due to its size, and it was only 40 metres or so in front of us crossing the tow path. As we got closer, I could not ascertain where it went, it basically vanished.

“As previous people have witnessed before, the cat is far too big to be a domestic pet, however it did not seem dangerous at the time.

“It was still dark at 6am, so the creature appeared to be one colour, a very dark grey almost black. With a long, bushy tail.”

Meanwhile, Julie Luxford, of Potten End, said: “My husband also thinks he has seen the big cat. There is wasteland behind us where we walk our cat, and last night David was there and spotted something large and black through the bushes which frightened them both. We think it could also be the big cat people have been spotting – we didn’t know about this until my husband looked on the hemel
today website.”

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