‘Incredible journey’ from Russia to Hemel Hempstead home for lucky Senya, but pooch pal still in need of new owners

Senya has a new home with the Leyman family
Senya has a new home with the Leyman family

An appeal by HemelToday to rehome a pair of dogs rescued from Russia and brought to Hemel Hempstead has seen one of the pooches taken in by a loving family.

The Leyman family from Gadebridge fell in love with bearded collie cross Senya after reading about volunteer Silvi Sutherland’s efforts to rescue him and timid Lischka, and a third dog named Kai who was rehomed straight away with a Berkhamsted couple.

Silvi, who lives in Grovehill and volunteers for animal fostering charity Hearts & Paws UK, had pumped thousands of pounds into bringing over the trio of cast-out canines who had been living in harsh conditions out in the wild near a holiday village 70km from Moscow.

The Leyman household, comprising parents Howard and Elaine and their grown-up children Hannah, 22, and 19-year-old Craig, recently suffered the loss of their beloved dog to old age, and had been looking for an opportunity to adopt a new pet.

Howard said of Senya, whose name means Senator in Russian: “He has been on an incredible journey – I was quite surprised to discover how cruel people can be to animals in Russia.

“I saw him and fell in love with him. I was seeing him in my dreams the night after I read the story. I am so happy we have him now and he’s a lovely addition to the family.”

While Silvi received several calls from people keen to take on Senya, Lischka, whose name translates as Little Fox, is still searching for a home.

The 10-month old requires owners with experience and lots of patience, and preferably another friendly dog. If you could help, email Silvi on hearts.paws@yahoo.com.

To watch a video interview with rescuer Silvi and find out more about the dogs, click here.