Increase in top grades for Ashlyns School


Students at Ashlyns School were celebrating “excellent” results for their A Levels on Thursday morning.

The school reported an increase in the proportion of grades from A* to B, and the majority of Year 13 students achieved the results needed for their first choice of university.

Head boy Danny Ritchie won himself top grades with two A*s and an A and will be going to Manchester University to study physics. Molly Westwood head girl likewise got the grades she wanted with an A* and two As to start a degree in bio-chemistry at Leeds University in September.

Anna Wood and James Layton both achieved an A* and two As. Anna will be furthering her passion for music at Glasgow, while James is heading to Nottingham to study engineering.

Jodie Kitwood will be studying physics at Exeter having received two A*s and an A.

Headteacher James Shapland said: “I am thrilled that, once again, our students have excelled in their A levels, gaining outstanding qualifications that rival the best in the country.

“At a time of wider political and economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever that young people leave secondary school with the grades and experiences that help to open doors in the future.

“Our students’ excellent results will provide universities and employers with genuine evidence of their talents, ambitions, self-discipline and confidence. Their achievements show, how well prepared Ashlyns’ students are for the future.

“I would like to wish all those A level students the very best of luck for the future, and thank them for the tremendous part that they have played in the life of Ashlyns School. We will miss them all but look forward to hearing of their future achievements.”