If you drink and drive, we’ll be out to catch you


The annual pre-Christmas drink-drive campaign has been launched to tackle those tempted to drink and then get behind the wheel during the season of goodwill.

Police will be carrying out breath tests and, where relevant, field impairment tests to all drivers involved in any road collisions they attend.

They will also be on the look out for any suspicious driving and will stop to check those suspected of committing an offence.

Chief Insp Richard Hann, from the county’s roads policing unit, said: “We are running this campaign to raise awareness amongst drivers that any alcohol in your system can impair your judgement, cause difficulty assessing road conditions and ultimately cause a serious collision.

“Individuals’ reaction times will be slower and they are less likely to observe what’s going on around them. There is no safe drink drive limit.”

Those found guilty of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs face a minimum of a 12-month driving ban, as well as a fine and the possibility of a spell behind bars.