‘I’m tired of never-ending grass-cutting arguments’

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The vice-chairman of Little Gaddesden Parish Council has resigned because he got fed-up with all the paperwork.

David Brattle, who has been a councillor there for 10 years, said much of what the council debates has no impact on life in the village.

He said: “In the last couple of years, we have just been talking and not doing anything and I found it frustrating.”

Mr Brattle, 57, is also chairman of the Little Gaddesden Village Hall management committee.

He said: “If we want to buy new front doors, we do it. We do not have to do a strategy on it, or a policy plan, or any of this malarkey. We just get it done.”

He said the council has been drawing up a strategy for affordable homes – even though the village has no land available to build them on.

He said: “By the time that land comes through, that strategy will be rewritten anyway – so it is almost a waste of time.

“Things will have changed in 10 years’ time when it becomes available.”

He hopes he will be remembered for his jovial approach to council meetings.

He also said: “We are running a village that’s a very wealthy village.

“Everyone has got food on the table and can have the heating on when it’s cold, so I do not know why people make such a fuss about some things like why the green has been cut. We have not got people dying of hunger there.”

He is the second Little Gaddesden Parish Councillor to recently resign after John Lupton.

The council now wants to appoint two new councillors. To apply, contact clerk Fiona McWilliams by emailing parishclerk@littlegaddesden-parishcouncil.org.uk before Monday, December 17.