‘I’d do anything to see my children grow up’

Natalie Arseni with her daughters Sofia, five, and Anna, four.
Natalie Arseni with her daughters Sofia, five, and Anna, four.

A desperately ill mum whose only chance of survival is specialist treatment in New York has sparked a campaign to help save her life.

Mum-of-two Natalie Arseni was told she had breast cancer when her youngest daughter was six months old. Just a year and a half later, the cancer returned, and has now spread around her body.

Natalie’s life expectancy is a mere two to five years, and her only hope is to travel to America for ground-breaking but costly treatment.

She said: “I would give anything to buy back my life, to be with my children as they grow up, and grow old with my husband.”

To help raise the lifesaving sum, seven mums from St Rose’s Catholic Infant School, where Natalie’s daughters Sofia, five, and Anna, four, are pupils, have set up the Team Natalie committee. They joined forces with the Boxmoor school’s parents association and head teacher Rebecca Tregear, who agreed to gear the whole term’s fundraising towards her cause.

Plans include curry nights, a fun run and a quiz, and all proceeds from the annual spring fayre will also help fund Natalie’s dream.

Natalie said: “The response is unbelievable, I want to thank everyone from my heart for such kindness, love and immense generosity.

“Life is precious and, in my case, it took the possibility of losing it to see how precious.”

In little more than a week, the team have almost reached the initial £5,000 to pay for Natalie’s treatment, but they are keen to raise as much as possible to cover her travel to New York and her aftercare. This will cost £700 every month, possibly for the rest of her life.

Jo Wiles of the St Rose’s parents association said: “If we can buy her any more time, even just two months, then it is worth it. You can’t put a price on that.”

Donations can be made to the school’s parents association. Visit facebook.com/TeamNatalieStRoses for more details.