Hunt for cruel crook who stole disabled Archie’s special buggy

Archie Sullivan relies on a specialist disability pram to get around.
Archie Sullivan relies on a specialist disability pram to get around.

A disabled tot has had his only means of getting around snatched by a callous thief who acted in just a 30-minute window of opportunity.

Becki-Jo Sullivan, of Wharfedale, Hemel Hempstead, had left her three and a half year old son Archie’s disability buggy in front of her house while she popped to the waste recycling centre for around half an hour on Saturday.

By the time she returned, the precious pushchair worth £300 had gone, along with an ordinary buggy also belonging to Archie.

The youngster was born with his bowels on the outside of his body, and struggles with hernias as a consequence of past operations. He can’t walk for long distances and relies on the buggy, specially designed for disabled children, to get around.

Mum Becki-Jo said: “I feel disgusted that anybody could take a child’s pram, let alone stealing from a disabled child. The only thing I can do with Archie now is drive him to my mum’s, because I can’t carry him everywhere.

“I am worried because he has another hernia operation in August and I don’t know how I can get him from the car into the hospital.”

A neighbour’s CCTV camera caught the cruel heist on video, but the culprit’s face and car registration number are hidden from view.

The wait for Archie to get another buggy through disabled children’s charity Family Fund could take up to five months, so Becki-Jo may be forced to shell out to replace the expensive equipment.

She said: “I just want it back. It’s of no real use to anyone else, it’s a lot bigger than a normal pram. I would rather they took my car. I can walk everywhere I need to go, but Archie can’t.”

Herts Police spokesman Olivia Finucane said: “We are conducting a full investigation. Officers visited the victims on Tuesday to offer support and update them.”

Call 101 quoting crime reference number D1/13/4005 with information.