Hospice gets a modern new look

New Hospice of St Francis logo.
New Hospice of St Francis logo.

A hospice has invested in a new logo and website in a bid to stand out from the crowd

The Hospice of St Francis spent £6,000 on the fresh new look, which charity bosses hope will help the good cause reach out to more people and attract new supporters.

Hospice director Dr Ros Taylor said: “We did a survey earlier in the year, mainly in Berkhamsted and Hemel, and discovered that a lot of people don’t really know about us or what we can offer people.”

After consultation with staff, the public and volunteers the charity, based in Northchurch, decided to invest in the re-branding with the help of Berkhamsted design agency Howell Penny.

“Every penny we have we like to spend on care,” said Dr Taylor. “We felt it was worth a small investment to become more visible.”

The new logo shows a tree, which represents being grounded, strong and reaching out, while the heart-shaped leaves symbolise the care the hospice provides.

During the last financial year, the good cause, revamped and re-named its charity shops, which has seen income increase.

And a new home store, called Returned to Glory, will soon be opened in Berkhamsted.

Visit www.stfrancis.org.uk